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All Saints' CofE First School

KS1/2 Curriculum Information

Long Term Curriculum Plans and Progression Grids

As we have mixed classes, we have a 2 year curriculum cycle to ensure children do not repeat content. Our long term curriculum plans give overviews for each key stage. 

You can access all of our long term plans here:

Key Stage 1


ks1 long term map.pdf



Key Stage 2

ks2 long term map.pdf

Skills Progression

Our skills progression grids ensure that children are taught at the right level for their needs. For each subject within our curriculum, we have identified the key skills that we wish our children to have when they leave our school, the ‘endpoint’ skills. Each skill then has identified ‘waypoints’ for each year group along the way. In this way, we can ensure that our skills are progressive in all subjects and that the children revisit and build on previous learning as they move through school. In addition, we can ensure that children are on track to reach the appropriate skills by the time they are in Year 4, and also intervene and support those who need it along the way. Finally, we can ensure that all children, no matter which year group they are in, can access learning at a level that is right for them, building on the previous skills